How It Works

Vantage Test Prep Solutions offers SAT and ACT test courses.

For both the SAT and the ACT, our comprehensive program consists of three components:

  1. Strategy Lessons
    VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS’ strategies are comprehensive and logical. You will not find the same mundane and ineffective strategies offered by other test prep publications or test prep centers. All strategies have been created by the test prep experts at VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS

  2. Drill Sets
    The Drill Sets are compilations of questions types. For instance, the SAT and the ACT reading tests include the following question types: organization, primary purpose, detail, inference, evidence, graph, vocabulary in context, and tone.

  3. Practice Tests & Solutions
    Vantage Test Prep Solutions offers practice test sets for students to apply the skills they have learned. Upon completion of a practice test, students can review their answers with our self-study material. The self-study material contains expert annotations explaining why each answer choice is either correct or incorrect.

Students can custom-tailor a curriculum to meet their needs by mixing and matching the three components shown below.

Start with strategy lessons Learn to use the strategies using drills Practice taking tests

VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS offers students the flexibility and freedom to create an effective and customized curriculum. The pricing also reflects the customization of VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS’ curriculum. Students pay for only what they need!

Please refer to the "Suggested Curriculum for the SAT" and/or "Suggested Curriculum for the ACT" for our advice in designing the most effective curricula.

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VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS provides SAT and ACT test prep courses using proprietary strategies, drills, and explanations that students will not be able to find anywhere else.

To protect our intellectual property, we do not offer our program online. Our program is offered only at our affiliated test prep centers. Students can access VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS material only from approved IP addresses.