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Vantage Test Prep Solutions!
A New Paradigm in Preparing for Tests.

Students spend countless hours in classrooms listening to lectures and studying. But how much are they actually learning?

  1. Research on education has repeatedly shown that students learn best when they actively engage in and attempt the learning process, not when they are passively listening to lectures.

  2. Studies have also shown that students learn better when they define their own goals, make self assessments of their strengths and weaknesses, and manage their own progress.

The creators of VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS have extensive knowledge of the SAT and the ACT and have integrated their expertise in creating the world’s most comprehensive set of strategies, drill sets, and explanations for the SAT and the ACT. Because VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS’ curricula is customizable and student-centered, a student can seamlessly tailor a curriculum to meet his/her needs.

The creators of VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS have proven that their approach to raising scores on the SAT and the ACT works. Now, they are taking their strategies and techniques beyond the classroom with a completely new paradigm for the test prep industry.