What We Offer

VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS offers a personalized preparation for the SAT and the ACT. Students will learn the most effective set of strategies and gain access to comprehensive drill sets and practice tests for the SAT and the ACT.


Strategy Lessons:

A clear, methodical strategy to solve each question type on the SAT and the ACT

Drill Sets:
Drill sets that contain practice questions for different question types on the SAT and the ACT

Fully Annotated Exams:
Fully annotated exams that provide detailed explanations for each answer choice that go beyond what is offered in other test prep books

2. Student-Centered Learning

More control over the pace and depth of learning for a more
    individualized course study

Learning to think conceptually and understand how test
    makers create questions in order to beat the test consistently

3. Accurate Scoring System

An accurate breakdown of students' scores

A record to track each student’s progress and highlight individual
    strengths and weaknesses

4. Progress Management

Test prep specialists that can provide personalized support to meet
    the student’s needs and manage the student's progress

Self-managing own progress through a comprehensive and
    accurate scoring system that keeps track of practice test scores

Additional Benefits That Vantage Test Prep Solutions Offers

VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS uses course materials prepared by test prep experts who have extensive SAT and ACT knowledge. VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS provides students with a step-by-step explanation showing how to deconstruct each SAT and ACT question type, how to approach each question type, how to eliminate wrong answer choices, and how to choose the right answers.

Another benefit of VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS is its pricing. Because VANTAGE TEST PREP SOLUTIONS offers students the freedom to customize their curriculum, students pay only for what they need.